A bit about me

I am Chris Brocklesby a UK-based freelance iOS, watchOS, tvOS, MacOS Apple Developer and technology consultant with a wealth of experience with both big brands and small businesses. I have worked in the technology and digital marketing sectors for 20+ years at a senior level producing a number of large scale projects from start to finish.

Companies I have worked with include Debenhams, Currys, BooHoo and have worked with a large range of sectors both internationally and locally large and small.

As well as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac development (all coded in Swift), I also work as a Ruby developer specialising in API / backend development for Apple apps.

I have worked in the technology sector for over 20 years traveling worldwide supporting companies in a wide range of technology and digital marketing projects. Over the past years I have been involved in many start-ups and setup, managed and sold a number of companies over the years. I take great joy in learning about and researching new technologies and helping new start-ups and projects grow.

I live in the UK in Swansea South Wales, Swansea is kinda the tech centre of Wales at the moment with a large number of new tech start-ups, incubators, investment and a great technology community at TechHub Swansea. I been lucky enough to work with some great people on a range of projects and have a wide range of contacts in various fields to utilise and recommend.

So what drew me to Apple Development, well I am very particular with design and technology along with user experience also how devices interact and work together. I feel that Apple have it spot on in there approach and vision, producing high quality, long lasting, easy to use products and eco system that works well together making life easier “It just works”… I use the native Swift language created by Apple along with Xcode to create quality easy to use applications programming with Swift to work with these quality products, It is a joy to work with.

What I can do for your business… I work in whats called a Agile software development and MVC process. I work with clients on every step of the process creating a clear plan from start to finish with clear goals and targets producing high quality and user friendly applications. I ensure great and clear communication which I believe is key in moving forward and producing a high quality product.


I thought it might be fun to have some random facts about myself, so have a read you may find it interesting.

Contract Guide Lines

I have a set of contract guidelines to help both the client and myself setting out some clear guidelines on expectations and how I work. Please read the guidelines here before contacting.

Lets work together

So if your interested in working with me and creating a great user friendly, high quality native application drop me a message. Look forward to hearing from you soon.